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Benefits of Decompression Therapy


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    Want to learn more about our new iTrac Extension Traction Therapy System, which was recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for sales to health care providers.

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  • ADA Tax Credit

    Our website has an extensive catalogue of ADA-compliant equipment—that meet eligibility criteria for the ADA tax credit. If you work in a small to mid-size clinic, your company could very well qualify LEARN MORE HERE.

  • Lasers for PT: Healing at the Speed of Light

    Two laser experts take the mystery out of low level laser therapy. Listen to this podcast and learn how to use this technology to provide effective results, and understand which specs are important in making the right laser purchase.

  • Introduction to Whole Body Vibration eBook

    Christian Reichardt, DC, CCSP, has been using vibration technology for the last 15 years. In this book Christian explains the basics of Whole Body Vibration technology and how you can incorporate it into you practice today. Download this FREE ebook and learn the benefits of Whole Body Vibration.

  • Custom Built In America

    All PHS Chiropractic Tables are proudly engineered, custom made and built in America
    from US and globally sourced components.

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