AP2-5000-C 5000mW Cluster Point Probe

AP2-5000-C 5000mW Cluster Point Probe product

5,000 mW Apollo Point Probe

Our newest model, the 5,000 mW Apollo Point Probe offers our most powerful deep-tissue treatment yet. Every Apollo point probe is crafted of aerospace-grade aluminum for cool performance; plus, medical-grade Class 4 laser diodes mean extra long life and reliability.

Laser Classification: Class 4
Total Power Output: 5,000 mW (4x1250mW)
Emitter Wavelength: 810nm Infrared Cluster Probe
Emitter Type: GaAlAs Semiconductor Laser
No. of Emitters: 4
Beam Divergence: 9º x 38º
Optical Output Power per emitter: 1250mW
Aperture: 25mm
Polarization: Linear
Spot Size: 2.7 x 21mm, 0.567Cm2
1/e2 Power Density (Irradiance): 1.87W/Cm2 (18,700Wm-2)
Treatment Time for 4 J/Cm2: 2.13 seconds
Total Energy delivery per minute: 300 Joules, 112.2 J/Cm2
NOHD: 190Cm
Safety goggle requirement: OD5 minimum @ 810nm

SKU: AP2-5000-C
Price: $4,031.00

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