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The DOC Decompression Table takes your chiropractic practice to the next level with its unique design and impressive list of standard features. The state-of-the-art digital command center controls specific vertebral targeting, including axial rotation and lateral flexion; correctly positions patients in antalgic posture; offers separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming; and delivers continuous readout and graphing of treatment protocols. The digital command center also controls table elevation and rear flexion, all at the push of a button. Patients may be treated in supine or prone positions and from various angles. 

How Is Spinal Decompression Different From Traction?
Regular traction stretches your spine and muscles simultaneously. But if you only stretch the spine, your body naturally “braces” for the next stretch, limiting the effectivness of the treatment. The “overall stretching” commonly used in traction can also trigger painful muscle spasms.

Decompression therapy is different from conventional spinal traction because it alternates between stretching and relaxation.2,3 The relaxation stages trick your body into staying relaxed and therefore maximizes the load and the effectiveness of the treatment. Decompression tables should also allow your doctor or therapist to target your treatment area in three different dimensions. This allows practitioners to target their treatment by isolating specific spinal discs, compared to traction, which often just “stretches” the entire spine.1 Your health care provider should also be able to completely customize your decompression treatment by changing the amount of stretch (load); the number of stretch/relax stages; the time it takes to reach each peak stretch/relax stage; and many other settings. These options allow them to personalize the session for your age, weight and condition and to adjust your treatments as they track your results.

Table Configurations:

  • E9011-B - Doc Decompression Table - 120V
    • Table: 30"W x 77"L x 21"H 
    • Space Requirement: 44"W x 102"L
  • E9014-B - Doc Decompression Table - 240V
    • Table: 30"W x 77"L x 21"H 
    • Space Requirement: 44"W x 102"L

Table Features:

  • Lifting Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Electric Elevation Range: 21-29"
  • Lateral Flexion Positioning and Axial Rotation
  • Cervical capture headpiece
  • Traction belting system enhances restraint for optimal decompression
  • User-defined treatment hold and relax times
  • Real-time digital treatment tracking
  • Speed control
  • Pre-programmed lumbar and cervical decompression protocols
  • Digital (DOC) Command Center, which includes:
    • Specific vertebral targeting
    • Separate lumbar and cervical decompression programming
    • Continuous readout and graphing of treatment parameters
    • Interactive color display
  • Reference Library - including patient setup and training materials
  • ADA Compliant

Table Options:

  • E46500 - Elevation Foot Pedal
  • E46510 - P-A Flexion Foot Pedal

Download DOC Decompression Table Data Sheet


1. Decompression: A Treatment for Back Pain, Occupational Medicine Clinical Care Update, Volume 11, Number 10 October 2004
2. Ramos,G. and Martin, W. Effects of vertebral axial decompression on intradiscal pressure J Neurosurgery, 81: 350-353 1994
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Spinal decompression is defined as vertebral unloading with spinal positioning.
Spinal decompression may not be an alternative for spinal surgery.


WARNING: California Proposition 65 Information

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