Rolyan Energizing Exercise Band Set

Rolyan Energizing Exercise Band Set product

The resistance bands are versatile for a wide variety of exercises. They make great yoga bands for warming up, as well as resistance straps for endurance training. These fitness bands are an easy way to workout at home and eliminate the need for expensive gym memberships. They are great for anything from stretching before a workout to exercises that tone muscles and increase strength. Rolyan Energizing Exercise Rolls also make great accessories for any physical therapy center or clinic. The boxes make them easy to distribute to patients and the bands are simple to work, yet effective.

Standard Features: 

  • Elastic bands for working out, rehabilitation, and stretching exercises
  • Latex bands measure 5” wide
  • Includes five resistance levels for progressive workouts
  • Packaged in boxes that allow for easy distribution

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Price: $731.00

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